Cultural Heritage at Stockland Coomera Foreshore

In June 2017, the Jabree team conducted a five-day subsurface cultural heritage investigation at the Stockland Coomera Foreshore project site. The subsurface investigations involved ten test pits excavated by machine and three by hand.

A total of 63 Aboriginal stone artefacts were discovered from the ten test pits with the highest distribution of stone artefacts located along a ridge top adjacent to Oaky Creek.

Image Source: Andrei Tudoran, Shutterstock

A total of 58 artefacts were excavated and recorded within a concentrated area of 160m x 40m, and near to an old house located in the southern section of the Project Area. Jabree considers these finds to hold high cultural significance to the traditional owners of the area.

This assessment is made based on the variety of artefacts and material type and the site’s potential as a Traditional Pathway across the Coomera landscape, a traditional camping area and / or a major artefact scatter.

Jabree and Stockland have established an agreement for future works to define the extent of the artefact scatter and to map this boundary. The excavation to determine the boundary of the stone artefact scatter commenced on 17th July 2017 and will continue over five weeks to 18th August 2017.

The field team involved in these works has comprised eleven members of the Gold Coast Native Title Group. The results of the excavation of the artefact scatter will follow once the results of all finds are analysed.


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