Pimpama State School grounds an area of Cultural Heritage significance

In September 2017, Jabree Ltd was engaged by Crown Law Queensland on behalf of the Queensland Department of Education and Training (DET) to undertake an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment for an expansion area within and around the Pimpama State School.

The results of the surface and sub-surface investigations conducted on the 26th of September identified the western section of the project area as an area of cultural heritage significance, with potential for in-situ archaeological deposits.  Three stone artefacts were discovered from four test excavations undertaken over a thirty (30) m2 area.

Pictured: Jabree Ltd team undertaking cultural heritage investigations in the Project area

In accordance with the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003, and its Duty of Care Guidelines, Jabree’s assessment highlighted that development of this western section would likely cause harm to Aboriginal Cultural Heritage.

In consideration of the Act and the assessment findings, Jabree recommended a number of cultural heritage management recommendations for the Department of Education and Training at Pimpama State School, which include:

  • Ratifying consultation between the Department and Jabree Ltd in a Cultural Heritage Management Agreement which includes a clear framework of engagement protocols and processes to be followed for future proposed development;
  • Implementing an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Chance Finds Protocol in the event unexpected cultural heritage objects are exposed during construction activities; and
  • Repatriating all cultural materials recovered during the assessment process, to a suitable site within the project area in the future.
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