Shell middens protected on South Stradbroke Island

Earlier this week, Jabree were notified that beach nourishment works at Tipplers Passage had been completed, providing protection for two shell middens that were becoming exposed through erosion and tidal activity.

The beach nourishment and preservation works were carried out by the Gold Coast Waterways Authority, led by Project Manager, Peter Dainter. The Gold Coast Waterways Authority engaged Jabree in August 2014 to provide a cultural heritage assessment for the proposed works.

Jabree’s assessment identified two shell midden sites within the project area and made recommendations for their protection.

This project was different from most requiring Jabree’s services, as it focused on preservation rather than on development of a site which involves earthworks and ground disturbance. “Recognition, protection and conservation of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage” – in this case a shell midden –  is one of the key principles of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003.

We are pleased to report the desired cultural heritage management outcomes for this project have now been achieved!

Feature image courtesy of Erin Finnegan, 2016.

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