Our heritage on display at Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre at Southport has been redeveloped as a world class swimming and diving competition facility for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

In May 2013, Jabree conducted a cultural heritage survey of the redevelopment site which involved 13 test pits and the use of a hand auger to drill into the subsurface layer and identify the depth of the clean sand layer.

A total of 335 stone artefacts were found as part of this survey work, including a piece of red ochre and two charcoal samples that were located at the same depth as other stone artefacts.

image 4                    Picture2                image 3

Radio carbon dating by the University of Waikato provided two dates of occupation at the site; approximately 1767AD and 144AD.

The significance of this site has been recognised by the former Queensland Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning with Jabree providing input to a heritage display at the Aquatic Centre.

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