Significant Rock Shelter Complex found at Yarrabilba

The Lend Lease Yarrabilba development is located in the Gold Coast Hinterland, approximately 35 km northwest of Southport within the Logan City Council Local Government Area. Fieldwork by Jabree Ltd for the Yarrabilba project has been ongoing since 2011.

Between December 2014 and July 2015, this work involved surveys of three new areas, all assessed as containing high cultural heritage value.

Significantly, a system of sandstone rock shelters, platforms, overhangs and outcrops were identified in Yarrabilba Area 1 containing intact archaeological deposits and rock engravings. This Rock Shelter Complex is an extremely rare find regionally and holds high scientific, cultural and aesthetic value for the Gold Coast Traditional Owner community.

Pictured: Field Team (L-R) Blair Young and Keenan Sandy. Image (c) Erin Finnegan

The ecology and landforms across the area would have been used by local Aboriginal groups for meetings and ceremony, for shelter and for gendered cultural activities. The site also features a waterhole, making it a good place for hunting.

The Rock Shelter Complex has the potential to provide a great deal of information about the Aboriginal history of the Gold Coast region.

Jabree submitted a grant application to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection for the further study of the rock shelter sites.

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