Cultural Heritage

Combining technical experience with local knowledge of ancestral land use and tradition to provide cultural heritage clearances, assessments, management strategies, interpretive signage and storytelling.  We work with government and private sector clients to ensure Aboriginal tradition, customs and culture are genuinely represented in planning and development activities across our region.

Employment and Training

… Improving access to training, support and mentoring for our community members to increase their skills, job readiness and business confidence.

Community Development

… Supporting the needs and aspirations of our community. We facilitate access to a range of services and community development opportunities to meet these needs.

Anthropology and Genealogy

… Understanding our ancestral history, social traditions and family connections. We engage and work closely with our community to research, share and document our history and our connections.

Native Title 

… Representing our community’s ongoing native title interests across the Gold Coast region. Even though we don’t have an active native title claim, we are still the same community and our connections to our land and our history continue.


… Providing our community with a central access point for information and for opportunities to share history and experiences. We also facilitate and manage a number of formal communication processes with clients and stakeholders on behalf of our community.