High density artefacts indicative of Aboriginal campsite at Cedar Creek

In May 2019, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) engaged Jabree Limited to conduct cultural heritage investigations of the area proposed for an upgrade at Beaudesert-Beenleigh Road (BBR) near the intersection of Schmidt Road within the Gold Coast suburb of Cedar Creek.  The region where the BBR – Schmidt Road project area is located is known to have been occupied by Aboriginal people in the past.  The project site is in proximity to several culturally significant sites, such as the Tamborine Bora Ground and the Yarrabilba Rock Shelters. Additionally, the site is located next to the Albert River, an important resource area and stable water source.

Preliminary investigations identified four [4] areas containing potential for cultural heritage sensitivity and archaeological deposits. Across the four areas identified as having subsurface potential, a total of seven hundred and eighty [780] Aboriginal stone artefacts were located as surface and subsurface finds. These finds included core stones and retouched stone tool artefacts. Flakes and flake fragments made from non-local material commonly used for knapping activities by Aboriginal groups were also located. A broad variety of material types, including several different types of silcrete and chert were recovered. Silcrete was the dominant material found at the BBR-Schmidt Road site. Investigations indicate that this material may have been sourced from the Birnam Range silcrete quarry near Beaudesert or through trade routes much further away.

Image: Stone flakes located during Area 3 excavations at the BBR-Schmidt Road project site

The BBR-Schmidt Road site has been classified as a possible campsite, having high Aboriginal cultural heritage significance and moderate to high scientific significance. It is also significant in that it represents one of the highest artefact densities recorded from a Jabree site in the Gold Coast region, with sixty-two [62] artefacts per square metre being located. 

Featured image: View of the Albert River from Area 3 of the project area.

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