Rare knapping, camping and ceremonial sites identified, Stockland Coomera

Between 2004 and 2005, Jabree provided a staged cultural heritage assessment of the Stockland project area in Coomera, which identified 20 significant sites that uncovered a total of 503 stone artefacts, 3 species of shell, charcoal, small animal bones and ochre.

One site was assessed as a knapping site (stone tools were created at this location), containing some 222 stone artefacts.

In order to preserve the extent of the knapping floor Stockland engaged Eastern Yugambeh Ltd (Jabree Ltd) to undertake further investigation at the site, with a view to establishing an ‘Open Space’ area around the site.

The results of additional excavations included 132 stone artefacts and five animal bone fragments.

Based on the number and types of finds located, the conclusion can be drawn that the activities carried out at this site would have included camping, the consumption of food and the manufacture of stone tools. The presence of ochre may also suggest activities involving material culture manufacture (the painting of wooden items, etc) or even ceremonial associations. This type of site is rare in this region.

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