Strengthening our working relationship with Logan City Council

Jabree Ltd was recently engaged by Logan City Council to prepare a cultural heritage assessment as part of their proposed works at Chardon Bridge Road, Cedar Creek.

Logan City Council, in consultation with the City of Gold Coast, is proposing to replace the Chardon Bridge crossing the Albert River, which includes an ancillary works area to the east at Chardon Bridge Park.

The original vegetation of the Albert River system and Cedar Creek area contained a wide range of flora that provided local Aboriginal people with food (fruits, nuts, roots and tubers), as well as material for camp utensils (dilly bags, coolamons, digging sticks) and weapons such as spears, nullas and boomerangs.

Due to significant prior disturbance to the road corridor and bridge area, from construction activities spanning many decades, Jabree’s assessment focused on the ancillary works area proposed at Chardon Bridge Park.

Subsurface testing conducted in late January resulted in the isolated finds of three stone artefacts (one chert flake and two silcrete flaked pieces) at two test pit locations.

While the overall project area was determined as having low Aboriginal cultural heritage sensitivity due to past land use disturbance, the assessment process continues to contribute to a broader picture and understanding of Aboriginal occupation and land use history.

The process also continues to strengthen our working relationship with Logan City Council. We look forward to working closely with Logan City Council in 2017.

Feature image: Chardon Bridge crossing Albert River, Cedar Creek

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