The connectedness of cultural sites at Coomera

Within the Coomera region there have been multiple sites identified as having cultural significance. Two of these sites, the Oaky Creek Ridge artefact scatter and the Coomera State High school knapping floor, have been linked together through the presence of a unique material that has been identified at both sites.

The Oaky Creek Ridge artefact scatter has been noted as covering 45,000 metres squared and with an artefact density of one per square metre, this site potentially contains up to 45,000 artefacts. Given its extensive size and its potential to hold such an immense number of artefacts it is an important site and poses questions about how it fits into the region.

The Coomera State High School knapping floor is a much smaller site but is also more artefact dense, with the two excavated lots having densities of three and ten artefacts per square metre. Given its location and access to resources it has also been assessed as a potential occupation site.

Both Oaky Creek Ridge and the Coomera State High School sites have produced artefacts that have an abundance of thin quartz veins crossing over each other within the rock, and a distinctive colour change towards the interior. This unique set of traits make it seem likely that these artefacts have been created from the same source material, which is not available within the local region.  

Artefacts from Lot 5, the continuity of veins and inclusions can be clearly seen especially on the right hand side

Given that these sites are only one kilometre apart and are linked through the presence of a unique artefact material present at both, it is safe to say that they represent a connectedness that exists within the sites of the Coomera region. As more are found and excavated it is possible that more sites could be linked together and a more interconnected view of the region can emerge.

Should any further discoveries be made into how these sites and others are connected, Jabree will endeavour to communicate these developments with the community.

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