The story of Jabree

Jabree Ltd was formed in 2010 to support the Gold Coast Native Title Group and Traditional Owner community. In March 2011, Jabree was registered as the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Body for the Gold Coast region.

Our company name, Jabree is derived from Dreamtime legend relating to the origin of Burleigh Headland.

In dreamtime legend, Jabreen is a giant creator spirit who had been hunting and feasting on kuppai (honey) in the bushland of ‘Little Tallebudgera’. Tired from the day, Jabreen emerged from the bush and headed toward the ocean for a swim.

Leaving his fighting club (known as a Jabree or Tabra) on the shore, Jabreen swam out toward the horizon.  When he returned to collect the Jabree, the ground where it had been placed rose up, creating the rocky outcrop that marks Little Burleigh. The rock formation of Burleigh Headland marks the spot where Jabreen later lay down to rest.

The naming of Jabree Ltd is intended to connect with what is an integral part of the Gold Coast’s cultural, historical and geographic origins, and an integral part of our community’s identity.

Note: This article has been prepared in consultation with members of the Gold Coast Traditional Owner community. It also draws on historical records documented by W.E Hanlon in 1934

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