Interpreting Cultural Heritage Values at Merrimac

Jabree has finalised the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan for the City of Gold Coast and its Natural Areas Management Unit, for the proposed Greenheart Reserve development in Merrimac.

Jabree’s Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan provides the City of Gold Coast with a significant information resource to identify the intrinsic cultural values of the site and to formulate appropriate conservation and management outcomes as the site’s redevelopment progresses.

Jabree’s Cultural Heritage Assessment in May 2016 determined that the Greenheart Reserve site held high cultural heritage values for its ability to represent Dreamings (traditional stories) relating to the former Great Swamp and other significant sites across the region, including the identified ochre source which is also associated with greater cultural landscape Dreamings.

Importantly, Jabree’s Management Plan presents an integrated interpretation and communications strategy which involves the use of different interpretive methods and devices. This strategy is based on a best-practice conservation approach, that fosters the ongoing involvement of the traditional owner community and maximises the interpretative potential of heritage values at Greenheart Reserve.

Jabree’s Management Plan also covers:

  • management procedures for identified Aboriginal cultural heritage within the site;
  • the obligations of all Project personnel to protect Aboriginal sites; and
  • conservation policies and outcomes for Aboriginal cultural heritage values across the Greenheart Reserve site as a whole, which will support its ongoing strategic redevelopment as well as routine maintenance in future.

We look forward to working with the City of Gold Coast on the staged implementation of this  Management Plan.

Feature image: Exposed ochre beneath tree roots, Greenheart Reserve. Image courtesy of Erin Finnegan, 2016.

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