Jabree completes Yarrabilba Cultural Heritage Assessment

Pictured: Artefacts found at Area 5 including white silcrete and red chert core. Image courtesy of Erin Finnegan, 2016

Jabree Ltd has completed the Cultural Heritage Assessment for Lend Lease for the Yarrabilba Balance Lands: Area 5 within the Yarrabilba Urban Development Area, Queensland.

This assessment is the final to be undertaken by Jabree as part of a staged assessment program that commenced in August 2011. Jabree’s assessment program has led to the significant earlier discoveries of past Aboriginal occupation at Area 1 (a Rock Shelter complex)  and Area 4 (a chain of waterholes).

Jabree’s field survey of Area 5 identified four Aboriginal artefacts, and yielded no additional sub-surface discoveries. Based on the findings of the field program, Area 5 has been assessed as having low Aboriginal cultural heritage sensitivity.   

The greater Yarrabilba Urban Development Area was subjected to major impacts during the establishment of U.S. Army base, Camp Cable during World War II, and during the operation of a commercial pine plantation between 1966 and 2002. The low yield from Area 5 is therefore unsurprising.

Jabree’s staged assessment program for the greater Yarrabilba Urban Development Area has involved:

  • Stage One (completed November 2011) – Initial Survey Area and Extended Survey Area
  • Stage Two (completed December 2014) – Yarrabilba Balance Lands: Areas 2a and 2b
  • Stage Three (completed June 2015) –  Yarrabilba Balance Lands: Area 1
  • Stage Four (completed July 2015) – Yarrabilba Balance Lands: Area 3
  • Stage Five (completed November 2015) – Yarrabilba Balance Lands: Area 4
  • Stage Six (completed January 2017) – Yarrabilba Balance Lands: Area 5    

Jabree looks forward to our continued work with Lend Lease regarding the overall findings from our assessment (2011-2017), and Jabree’s Caring for Country project.   


About the Yarrabilba Development Area

The Yarrabilba Urban Development Area is a 2,222 hectare area in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, Queensland.  The Yarrabilba Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared on 8 October 2010. When fully developed it is anticipated that the Yarrabilba PDA will provide approximately 20,000 dwellings to house a population of up to 50,000 people.  Lend Lease, the project proponent, intends to develop the area as a fully master planned community.  The proposed development will include residential dwellings, parks and open space zones, community amenity and commercial precincts all of which will be constructed over the next thirty years.


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